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About Us

Napoleonic Impressions is an online store selling merchandise featuring unique designs inspired by the Napoleonic era. We aim to be the number one destination for customers seeking to buy Napoleonic gifts and souvenirs for themselves or friends and family.

We are more than an online store. In our blog, we will regularly post relevant content associated with the Napoleonic era. This includes articles and research about historical figures and events, book reviews, museum reviews, travel blogs.

Our Story

Napoleonic Impressions was founded in 2020 by Jimmy Chen and Naphaphorn Nunariyasarp, a couple who met online through a mutual interest in Napoleonic history.

Over the course of more than three years as a couple, we have enjoyed giving each other Napoleonic Wars themed gifts. If you visit enough souvenir stores in museums and art galleries across Europe, you'll find Napoleon, Nelson, Wellington, Kutuzov, Blucher very well represented. However, we are always frustrated that there aren't many gifts featuring our favourite generals – Mikhail Barclay de Tolly and Gerhard von Scharnhorst.

We have since discovered that we are not alone. Our experience of the Napoleonic community online showed us that there many Napoleonic era afficionados all around the world - students, academics, historical fiction authors among them - who have their own favourites among a large cast of colourful characters who left their mark on a key period of European and global history. We have no doubt that our fellow Napoleonic fans are likewise calling out for more souvenirs featuring their favourite historical figures.

We were therefore inspired to create Napoleonic Impressions for you – the community of history lovers united in an interest in the Age of Napoleon, but each with your own favourites. Between the two of us, we make unique original designs as well as artwork inspired by iconic paintings. Above all, we want to make Napoleonic history fun and accessible and welcome new members to our Napoleonic community with open arms. Please check out Emperor Penguin Napoleon and Field Marshal Catuzov, as well as our range of figures inspired by Russian matryoshka dolls.

Your feedback is important to us as we grow our business. We want to know what you like about our store, and how you think we can improve. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to suggest designs featuring a particular historical figure, if you would like an existing design on a new product, or if you have any other feedback for our store. We'll do our best to respond promptly. Of course, we are also happy to respond to any inquiries about the status of your orders.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and that you find something you like.

The Team

Jimmy Chen - Managing Director & Co-Founder

Jimmy is Managing Director and oversees day-to-day operations at Napoleonic Impressions. He studied Government and History at the London School of Economics before studying for an MPhil in Modern European History at the University of Cambridge, where he wrote an award-winning dissertation on Music as an expression of Russian patriotism in the later Napoleonic Wars (1812-15). Besides running Napoleonic Impressions, Jimmy works as a communications consultant in London.

Naphaphorn Nunariyasarp - Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder

Naphaphorn is Chief Design Officer responsible for most of our iconic designs. She has been drawing Napoleonic art for more than two years. She has an undergraduate degree in English from Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok. Besides her work with Napoleonic Impressions, Naphaphorn is an Immigration Police Officer at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.