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Napoleon's Invasion of Russia 1812 (Video & Blog Series)

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Napoleon's Invasion of Russia 1812 (Video & Blog Series)

Now that our Ten Greatest Generals of the Napoleonic Wars series is over, I wanted to give readers of our blog an idea of what we are planning over the next few months.

Those of you who have seen our About Us page will be aware that my area of specialism is Napoleon's invasion of Russia. With this in mind, for the next several months we will be focusing on publishing content about the 1812 campaign for the blog. New blog posts covering various aspects of the Russian campaign will be published every two weeks on Friday.

During the covid-19 lockdown, myself and Josh Provan of the Adventures in Historyland blog have also recorded several videos about the 1812 campaign which are available on Josh's Youtube channel. We have so far covered the narrative of the campaign over the course of five videos. We are continuing the series covering other topics such as the fate of the Russian generals after 1812, places to visit in Russia for Napoleonic enthusiasts, and so on.

Here is a playlist of all the episodes we have recorded so far.

We have decided to combine the ongoing video series with our blog series, based on the following schedule:

Napoleon in Russia Content Programme | Napoleonic Impressions

The highlight of our programme is Voices of Borodino - a video telling the story of the great battle between Napoleon and Kutuzov through more than a dozen accounts from participants, to be released on 7 September 2020, the 208th anniversary of the battle. An abridged form of the accounts will also be published on the blog.

To learn more about the Battle of Borodino, get our ebook "The Battle of Borodino: A brief introduction" for free by clicking here.

Battle of Borodino

As part of our Ten Greatest Generals of the Napoleonic Wars series, we have included three Russian generals who played a key role during the 1812 campaign: Mikhail Barclay de Tolly, Commander of the First Army and the initiator of the strategic retreat, Pyotr Bagration, Commander of the Second Army who fell at Borodino, and Mikhail Kutuzov, the Supreme Commander of the Russian armies who embodied the spirit of the Russian army. Check out these blog posts below:

The Napoleonic Impressions store has a wide range of products featuring Russian historical figures from the Napoleonic Wars. Check out our Russian collection!

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